Shipping Information

Body Panels & Glass

Due to the high probability that body panels and glass will be damaged in transit it is our company policy to not ship these items.  This includes all vehicle windows, but does not include side view or interior mirrors.  Both side view and interior mirrors are small enough to ship safely.  Body panels include, doors, fenders, hoods, deck lids, quarter panels, etc.


Airbags are considered a Hazardous Material and require a strict protocol to ship safely.  UPS also charges more to ship these  items.  Due to these factors shipping for airbags is generally more than other parts we sell.

Engines & Transmissions

All engines and transmissions are shipped by freight line.  You will need to be able to unload a freight sized truck at your facility in order to accept these shipments.

All other parts

Most parts at Baird’s Auto Parts are shipped UPS ground within 24 hours of your purchase.  Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.

International Shipping

We do not offer international shipping and this includes U.S. territories like Puerto Rico.